The RT ECO® Wastewater Effluent Test Kit is the portable, cost-effective way to evaluate the characteristics, performance of wastewater and treatment efforts, any time, anywhere. RT ECO Wastewater Effluent Test Kit will provide simple and accurate testing for BOD, Chlorine (Free), COD, Coliform Bacteria, pH and Total Suspended Solids.

RT ECO Wastewater Testing Kit

RT ECO® Wastewater Testing Kit

Most highly toxic and non treatable industrial effluents with high COD, heavy metal , TSS and organic load can be easily treated effectively meeting discharge or reuse norms using electrochemical methods, which is a emerging technology.

Inherent advantages of electro-chemical method is small foot print, minimal sludge generation , highly efficient, odour free , colour free treated water in single once through process with no chemical addition or dosing.

The RT ECO® Wastewater Evaluation Test Kits are easy to use lab scale equipments for evaluation of various diverse wastewater to determine their treatability efficiency before investing / deciding on a full scale plant.

As no two effluents at any two different time are the same and even more importantly they don’t behave the same all through the time after storage and hence it calls for on site / field or in the plant testing of the effluent , Hence the RT ECO Effluent Evaluation Test Kit helps you achieve that and produces data that, upon analysis can help us design a better treatment process with higher operating efficiency.

Simple To Use Test Kit

RT ECO® Wastewater Effluent Kits have been developed for use by any lab technician or lab chemist or others with basic knowledge.

The kit is supplied with all weather cover to be used in any location. This helps you to test the effluent right at its source thus avoiding storage and transportation of toxic waste water.

Our evaluation kit was designed so that your team can easily test and evaluate — in your facilities any number of times and by isolating various streams of effluent . This helps in applying optimum treatment process saving cost and effort. The kit comes with operating protocol , reporting protocol and maintenance protocol making it a must have kit for most industries generating effluent.

RT ECO Wastewater Test Kit (Inside the Box) includes:

  • Electrocoagulation Cell
  • Electro-Oxidation Cell
  • Control Panel
  • Analysis Equipments
  • Manual

IDEAL for wastewater treatment companies, Industries, Pollution control departments, environmental scientists, researchers, Colleges And schools (for demonstrating electro oxidation and electro coagulation principles)




  • Compact and Cost-effective
  • Meet legislation & minimize the risks
  • Onsite Analysis
  • Easy Operation
  • Real time analysis
  • Monitor variety of Wastewater effluent