Sugar industries generates about 1,000 L of wastewater for one ton of sugar cane crushed. Wastewater from sugar industry, if discharged without treatment, poses pollution problems in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO SM-10 10
RT ECO SM-20 20
RT ECO SM-30 30
RT ECO SM-40 40
RT ECO SM-50 50
Sugar Mill Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sugar Mills equipped with RT ECO separates the solid waste such as (bagasse, bagacillo, silt/mud, sand, and trash canes) and contribute to the treatment of sugar industry wastewater using electrochemical process - very suitable for the removal of various pollutants. RT ECO systems has the capability to treat the highly contaminated wastewater up to reprocessing stages and Removes COD and color through the electrochemical process .

RT RCO Sugar Mill Effluent Wastewater treatment Plant (WWTP) with built-in electrocoagulation treatment unit is a safe to operate, economical, convenient and adequate process for pollutant elimination of sugar factory / sugar processing industry wastewater and can be used for irrigation or discharged Complying to the environmental standards.

Wastewater generated from Sugar Processing industries bear a high degree of pollution load. Large volume of wastewater from a sugar factory can be generated in the following sources or stations of sugar production: mill and cane handling station, process and/or boiling house, refinery house, and boiler house.

RT ECO, electrochemical effluent treatment systems are fully automatic, skid mounted, designed for continuous operation which converts effluent into reusable water.


  • Sugar Mills


. Small Footprint
. Fully Automated
. Odourless and colourless reclaimed water
. Minimal sludge generation
. Durable and non-corrosive components
. Noiseless operation
. Safe to operate, economical
. High efficiency in COD, BOD, pollutant removal
. 100% disinfection (Bacteria-free reclaimed water)
. Meets environmental regulations