RT ECO Slaughterhouse wastewater Treatment plant (Effluent -ETP) is designed to treat slaughterhouse wastewater containing high organic matter, pathogenic bacteria, bad odour and reclaim water for reuse.


Model Treatment Capacity(KLD)
RT ECO SH-50 50
RT ECO SH-100 100
RT ECO SH-250 250
RT ECO SH-600 600
RT ECO SH-1000 1000

Discharge of Untreated Slaughterhouse wastewater causes significant threat to surface and ground water which would endanger our drinking water resources and imperil the aquatic ecosystem. With RT ECO System, slaughter house wastewater with high organic load and odour is treated and discharged as reclaimed water suitable for reuse or for discharge complying with environmental regulations.

RT ECO electrochemical effluent treatment system comprises electro-coagulation as primary treatment and electro-oxidation as secondary treatment processes.

RT ECO, electrochemical effluent treatment systems are fully automatic, skid mounted, designed for continuous operation which converts effluent into reusable water.

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Characteristics

Parameter Wastewater (Raw Effluent) Treated water
pH 6.5-7.0 6.0-9.0
COD (mg/L) upto 5000 40-125
TSS (mg/L) upto 3000 5-50


  • Meat processing companies
  • Slaughterhouse - farms


. Small Footprint . Fully Automated . Odourless and colourless reclaimed water . Minimal sludge generation . Durable and non-corrosive components . Noiseless operation . High efficiency in COD, BOD, pollutant removal . 100% disinfection (Bacteria-free reclaimed water) . Meets environmental regulations