Pharmaceutical manufacturing ,bulk Drugs Processing effluents are waste containing antibiotics, lipid regulators, anti-inflammatories, antiepileptic, tranquilizers and cosmetics ingredients containing oil and grease. Wastewaters in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry usually originate from the synthesis and formulation of the drugs.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO PW-10 10
RT ECO PW-20 20
RT ECO PW-30 30
RT ECO PW-40 40
RT ECO PW-50 50

RT ECO, advanced Pharma Effluent Treatment systems when applied to wastewaters from Pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing industries efficiently reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Sulphates in the pharmaceutical effluent.

RT ECO Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Plant

RT ECO electrochemical effluent treatment Plant (systems) comprises electrocoagulation as primary treatment and electro-oxidation as secondary treatment processes. In electrochemical processes, the pollutants are destroyed either by direct or indirect oxidation process.

RT ECO Pharmaceutical ETP is simple, highly effective with lesser footprint and uses no chemicals, also lowers energy consumption and produces no sludge and are utilized for the treatment of pollutants like Halogenated/non-halogenated solvents, Organic chemical residues, Sludge & tars, Heavy metals, Test animal remains, Return pharmaceuticals, low-level radioactive wastes etc. and help to meet the requirements for treatment of pharma wastewater.

Noble Eco Systems offer RT ECO, Advanced Pharmaceutical WWTP to this diversified industry for effective treatment and removal of impurities - high concentrations of dissolved toxic and biodegradable organics, ammonia, pathogens, and some inorganics from the waste stream and obtain relatively pure water for reuse.


  • Bulk Drugs manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines manufacturing
  • Biological and medical products
  • Botanical drugs and herbs


. Small Footprint . Fully Automated . Odourless and colourless reclaimed water . Minimal sludge generation . Durable and non-corrosive components . Noiseless operation . High efficiency in COD, BOD, nutrient removal . 100% disinfection (zero bacteria in reclaimed water) . Meets environmental regulations