Truck Mounted / Mini Van mounted Advanced Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP-WWTP) for Chemical Free, ECO safe Wastewater Treatment with the advanced electrocoagulation and electro-oxidation process.

Mobile Effluent Treatment Plant integrated with Electrocoagulation and Electro-Oxidation Reactors

RT ECO Mobile Wastewater effluent Treatment Plant are uniquely arranged units designed to provide reclaimed water from effluent water when and where it's needed. Mobile ETP units are easily transportable and are readily available as truck mounted or mini van mounted, or in the bock of a compact pickup, or air lifted by helicopter with its own standard sling. All you need is a Waste water effluent source and a tank in which to store the clean water. Everything else are delivered ready-to-use.

RT ECO® Mobile ETP units are lightweight, enough to be moved to remote locations and can be monitored using inbuilt SCADA monitoring systems. Prepacked vehicle mounted-units (truck, mini van or other) can be easily transported and used for water recycling and water reuse and saves your time.

RT ECO® Mobile Wastewater treatment Plant works on electro-chemical (electrolysis) processes - Electrocoagulation and Electro-Oxidation to convert wastewater effluent to reusable water. RT ECO® Mobile Wastewater treatment Plant is Compact, complete unit, pre-piped, pre-wired and ready to install and are engineered to serve with minimal maintenance, and designed to meet the requirements of the state water authority, environmental quality agency.


  • Frac & Produced Water Trewatment
  • POME (Palm Oil Industries Mill Effluent) electro-coagulation electrolyzers
  • Restaurant, Grease Trap Wastewater treatment
  • Bio Medical Liquid, Pharma Waste-waters treatment
  • Heavy Metal Removal, Carwash/ truckwash water treatment
  • Livestock Farm, Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment.
  • Textile & Tanneries Wastewater Treatment
  • Aquaculture, Textile & Tanneries Wastewater Treatment


RT ECO Mobile / Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants utilize state-of-the-art Electro-chemical Reactor (ECR) technology to achieve high treatment efficiencies using advanced electrocoagulation and electro-Oxidation within a small foot print.

  • * Easily transportable with all common container vessels and vehicles
  • * Fast Installation and delivery
  • * Extremely small footprint
  • * Minimal requirements for installation site
  • * System can be completely pre-fabricated
  • * Factory-made test run
  • * Minimal effort for set up of building site facilities