Animal farm wastewater (Livestock effluent) mainly comes from livestock and poultry manure and washing wastewater containing large number of pollutants, such as heavy metals, residues of veterinary drugs, and a lot of pathogens, etc. Additionally livestock and poultry breeding wastewater contains much nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO LSF-20 20
RT ECO LSF-40 40
RT ECO LSF-100 100
RT ECO LSF-250 250
RT ECO LSF-600 600
RT ECO LSF-1000 1000

Animal farm wastewater belongs to high concentration organic wastewater. Wastewater from livestock farms contains large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, antibiotics, and pathogenic bacteria and water soluble organic matter and are toxic. If not properly handled, it causes significant threat to surface and groundwater which would endanger our drinking water resource, causing the pollution of groundwater.

Long consumption of farm egested contaminated water cause poisoning, increases toxins in human body, cause massive death of aquatic animals and seriously damage the water ecological balance; also spreads some epidemic with water flowing etc.

Farm Wastewater Treatment Models

RT ECO Animal farm wastewater treatment Systems

RT ECO electrochemical effluent treatment plant is a plug and play, fully automatic system can achieve good treatment effect of animal farm wastewater containing various kinds of organic substances, feces and sandy soil pollutants. The Advanced electrochemical WasteWater Treatment technology meet the standard for discharge or reuse of water.

Noble ECO Systems help livestock operations improve profitability and adhere to regulations through chemical-free bacteria treatment, odor control, and wastewater treatment.

Farm Wastewater Characteristics

Parameter Wastewater (Raw Effluent) Treated water
pH 5.5-7.0 5.5-9.0
COD (mg/L) upto 7500 ≤ 300
SS (mg/L) upto 3000 ≤ 150


  • Livestock Farm Wastewater
  • Feedlots Wastewater


. Small Footprint . Fully Automated . Odourless and colourless reclaimed water . Minimal sludge generation . Durable and non-corrosive components . Noiseless operation . High efficiency in COD, BOD, nutrient removal . 100% disinfection (bacteria-free in reclaimed water) . Meets environmental regulations