RT ECO - Hotel wastewater treatment, water reclamation and reuse system - a unique extremely compact ‘all in one’ package effluent treatment system with simple Operation, great Long Term Performance and offer you clean reusable water with 99.9 % contaminants removal. RT ECO, Advanced Hybrid Wastewater Treatment Technology removes Oil and grease, COD, BOD,SS, Ammonia (NH4) and other contaminants from Commercial kitchens, 5-start hotels, Food courts, Malls etc., and reuse treated water or use for agricultural or gardening purpose.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO HKW-05 5000
RT ECO HKW-10 10000
RT ECO HKW-25 25000
RT ECO HKW-50 50000
RT ECO HKW-100 100000
RT ECO HKW-500 500000

Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Treatment Systems / Plug and play modular wastewater treatment systems for Hotel Industry

Wastewater from kitchen contains organic load from food processing, utensil washing in the kitchen, soap and detergents, with the main contaminants - proteins, carbohydrates, detergents, oil and grease and other dissolved and suspended compounds.

Commercial kitchens, 5-start hotels, food courts , malls etc., are generating huge quantity of waste water. These wastewater when disposed off directly without treatment or with partial treatment to sewer leads to degradation of environment with many ill effects.

RT ECO - Advanced Electrochemical Packaged Hotel Kitchen Wastewater treatment plants are the most efficient, durable and eco-friendly systems in the market . It's often better to replace or upgrade the hotel wastewater system entirely. It will cost a lot less in terms of time, money and stress in the long run. RT ECO systems uses smaller footprint and requires 75% less space than conventional systems.

RT ECO, Advanced Hybrid Wastewater Treatment Technology has made it considerably easier for Hotel and allied industry to reuse Kitchen Wastewater meeting stringent laws in environmental legislation.

RT ECO unique Hybrid Advanced Waste water treatment system incorporates electro-coagulation-flotation & electro oxidation cells to treat wastewater from Hotel Kitchens and commercial kitchens suitable for reuse.


  • Commercial kitchens
  • 5-start hotels
  • Food courts
  • Malls


  • Plug & Play system
  • Fully automated
  • Instant start/stop operation
  • small foot print
  • Low operating cost
  • Requires low power
  • No chemicals required
  • Odor-free and noiseless operation
  • Suitable for remote locations
  • High efficiency in COD, BOD, pollutant removal
  • Very low sludge generation
  • Meets environmental regulations.