The flow-back water and produced water obtained during the hydraulic fracking process contains organic chemicals, dissolved metal ions, total dissolved solids, and chemical additives. If untreated flow-back and produced waters are discharged to bodies of water, then contamination of ground and surface water could have serious health issues to humans and animals.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO FPW 0.6 MLD 600
RT ECO FPW 1.2 MLD 1200
RT ECO FPW 2.4 MLD 2400
RT ECO FPW 3.6 MLD 3600
RT ECO FPW 4.8 MLD 4800

30% of water used in a typical Fracturing process comes back to surface as flowback water which is huge environmental nightmare for the Oil and Gas industry if it is not suitably treated for reuse.

RT ECO FRAC and Produced Water-Wastewater treatment System

Our unique Hybrid Advanced Wastewater Treatment System - RT ECO incorporates a electro-coagulation using PIXECELL and a electro-oxidation using ELECTROGEN cell to treat this flowback water in a simple, once-through process making it suitable for reuse.

The facts about Frac and Produced Water

  • The “ frac flow back water” which comes out in few weeks following fracturing job is often more contaminated due to various chemicals added before injection to the well.
  • Disposing of this flow back water is no more tenable and needs to be treated, recycled and reused due to the huge volume of upto 30% of injected water being involved.
  • The “ Produced water “ which is the outcome of continuous injection of fresh water to improve well productivity comes back with the water from deep aquafier’s along with Hydrocarbon’s needs immediate attention too.
  • Produced water ratio has been ever increasing and has even reached in some places 50:1, which means 50 m3 of water for every m3 of oil.

Input - Output Parameters for Frac and Produced Wastewater Treatment RT ECO Plant

Parameter Liquid Waste Treated water
pH 5.0-7.0 6.0-9.0
COD (mg/L) upto 20,000 100
BOD (mg/L) upto 2000 60
TSS (mg/L) 3500 60


  • Oil and Gas company flow-back water and produced water


  • Reduces transportation, procurement and disposal costs
  • Preserve vital water resources
  • Once through process involving no addition of chemicals or polymers
  • Robust system design makes it ideal for any remote location operation with SCADA monitoring
  • SYSTEMS are available on RENTALS thus O&M is the responsibility of system provider.