Nurai Cell Series electrolyzers for treatment of industrial Wastewater effluent - originating from food industry, pharma, dairy, textile, dyeing units, meat processing industries & to integrate or to be part of a Effluent Treatment System. Nuraicell’s electro-coagulation/flotation process removes FOG, Silica, Organic particulate matter and helps in reduction of COD, BOD and suspended solids.

Electrocoagulation / Electroflotation Reactor Models

Models Treatment capacity (KLD)
Min. - Max.
NURAI CELL-ECF-E-1250 15-25
NURAI CELL-ECF-E-2500 30-50
NURAI CELL-ECF-E-5000 60-100

NuraiCell ECF Reactor, a hybrid electrochemical system, is compact, eco-friendly, ensuring effective Coagulation and Flotation.

NuraiCell ECF Reactor technology utilizes direct current to cause (+/-) ions to remove undesirable contaminants either by chemical reaction and precipitation or by causing colloidal materials to coalesce and then be surfaced by flotation.The electrochemical electrocoagulation (EC) precipitate large quantities of contaminants in one operation and the technology is the ideal economical and environmental choice for industrial waste water treatment.

The capital and operating costs are significantly less than chemical coagulation. Few waste waters where functionality have been very successful are pharma effluents, leachate, Dye bath effluents, Azo dye effluent, Produced water, FRAC water, paper & pulp mill waste, metal plating (cyanide), tanneries (Crome), canning factories, steel mill effluent, slaughterhouses / abattoir , chromate, lead and mercury-laden effluents and many more. This Electrocoagulation reactor can achieve reduction in variable contaminants with efficiency ranging from 65 percent to 98 percent.

NuraiCell ECF Reactor uses Electro-coagulation and Flotation technique for waste-water treatment, simple and easy operation with relatively lower sludge production.

NuraiCell ECF Reactor can remove TSS, oil suspension and big part of the organic contamination. With NuraiCell 65 – 95 % removal of COD and more than 98 % removal of oil content can be achieved, when suitable reaction as selected. Thus making electro coagulation an essential treatment method for toxic and other non-treatable effluents.


  • Metallurgy Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Livestock Farm
  • Mining Industry
  • Landfill Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Electro Plating Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Frac / Produced water
  • Process rinse and wash water
  • Metal recovery
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Metal Plating Industry (Cyanide)


  • Small Footprint.
  • Fully Automated.
  • Minimal sludge generation.
  • Durable and non-corrosive components.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • High efficiency in COD, BOD, nutrient removal.
  • No human interface required