RT ECO Car/Truck Wash Water Reclamation system is designed to treat and remove pollutants such as dirt, Oil & greese , Surfactants and to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and reclaim water for reuse.

Carwash Models

Models Treatment capacity (KLD)
RT ECO CW-12 12
RT ECO CW-72 72

Truck wash Models

Models Treatment capacity (KLD)
RT ECO TW-0.25MLD 250
RT ECO TW-0.5MLD 500

Car wash facilities equipped with RT ECO electrochemical car wash waste water treatment systems save 75 to 85 % of fresh water through recycling. The reclaimed water can be reused safely for car wash.

Car wash wastewater, when discharged untreated would endanger our drinking water resources and imperil the aquatic eco system. With RT ECO System, car wash wastewater with high pollutant, bad colour and odour could be treated and the reclaimed water is suitable for reuse/recycling as per discharge complying with environmental regulations.

RT ECO Carwash / Truck Wash Wastewater Treatment System

RT ECO ETP plant for car wash comprises electro-coagulation as primary treatment and electro-oxidation as secondary treatment processes.

RT ECO, electrochemical effluent treatment systems (Carwash, Truck wash ETP) are fully automatic, skid mounted, designed for continuous operation which converts effluent into reusable water.

Input - Output Parameters for Carwash/ Truck wash RT ECO Wastewater Treatment plant

Parameter Wastewater (Raw Effluent) Treated water
pH 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0
COD (mg/L) upto 500 ≤ 250
TSS (mg/L) upto 2000 ≤ 20
Oil & Grease (mg/L) upto 800 ≤ 10


  • Carwash Wastewater
  • Truck wash Wastewater


. Small Footprint . Fully Automated . Odourless and colourless reclaimed water . Minimal sludge generation . Durable and non-corrosive components . Noiseless operation . High efficiency in COD, BOD, nutrient removal . 100% disinfection (bacteria-free in reclaimed water) . Meets environmental regulations