Electrochemical, wastewater treatment Systems and reactors

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant

Meat processing companies / industry effluent-waste water treatment solutions

Discharge of Untreated Slaughterhouse wastewater causes significant threat to surface and ground water which would read more

Carwash / Truck Wash Wastewater Treatment Plant

Carwash / Truck Wash Water Reclamation systems : Reclaim and Reuse car or truck wash waste water effluent

Car wash facilities equipped with RT ECO electrochemical car wash waste water treatment systems save 75 to 85 % of read more

Leachate effluent Treatment plant

Leachate Effluent / Bio digestor effluent Treatment Plant - Advanced Electrochemical Systems

Leachate causes significant threat to surface and groundwater which would endanger our drinking water resources and read more

Livestock Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant

Animal farm wastewater and Feedlots Wastewater Treatment Plant

Animal farm wastewater belongs to high concentration organic wastewater. Wastewater from livestock farms contains large read more

Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Plant

Shrimp farming, Freshwater Fish farms, Fish food Processing and Canning Plant Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Aquaculture requires the supply of clean water also, the release of clean water into the environment is important for read more

Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Treatment solution for Milk, Milk Food Production Plant to treat wastewater and reuse.

RT ECO Advanced Effluent treatment Plant (WWT Plant) effectively treats the Dairy Waste waters which can pose a read more

Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant

Pharmaceutical Wastewater, Bulk Drugs Processing wastewater Treatment - Pharmaceutical ETP Plant

RT ECO, advanced Pharma Effluent Treatment systems when applied to wastewaters from Pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing read more

Textile Effluent treatment plant

Azo Dyes degradation, Color removal, COD, complex chromophores, inorganic salts, total dissolved solids (TDS) and heavy metals removal from textile dyeing waste water.

Textile industries (textile mills) being one of the largest consumers of water, dyes and various processing chemicals read more

Sugar Mill Wastewater Treatment Plant

Electro-coagulation-Integrated Systems for sugar mills, sugar factory wastewater treatment

Sugar Mills equipped with RT ECO separates the solid waste such as (bagasse, bagacillo, silt/mud, sand, and trash read more

Bio Medical Wastewater treatment Plant

Bio-medical liquid waste treatment, Liquid Medical Waste Disposable System

Medical Waste-waters (Hospitals, Biomedical Labs, Blood bank liquid wastes) are contaminated with pathogens, such as read more

Heavy Metal Removal Plant

Detoxification of industrial effluents and recovery of valuable metals emanating from various nonferrous processing industries

Heavy metal pollution has become one of the most serious problems today. There is the large threat posed by the read more

Grease Trap Wastewater Treatment Plant

Food Processing, Restaurant - commercial kitchen wastewater treatment Solutions

RT ECO Grease Trap Water treatment Technology (GTW) - a design to achieve a high efficiency in operation, recover and read more

Frac and Produced water-wastewater treatment systems

Reuse Frac flowback and Produced water using Hybrid electro-chemical effluent treatment systems

30% of water used in a typical Fracturing process comes back to surface as flowback water which is huge environmental read more

Palm Oil Mill Effluent Wastewater Treatment Plant

Electrocoagulation based Palm Oil Mill Effluent Wastewater Treatment Plant for wastewaters discharged from sterilization process, crude oil clarification and cracked mixture separation process

Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) is the wastewater discharged from the sterilization process, crude oil clarification read more

Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant

Electrocoagulation, Electro-oxidation Wastewater treatment systems for onsite eco safe water treatment

Mobile Effluent Treatment Plant integrated with Electrocoagulation and Electro-Oxidation Reactors RT ECO Mobile read more

Hospital Wastewater Effluent Treatment plant

Electro Coagulation , Electro-Oxidation based Effluent Treatment Plant for small hospitals to large hospitals

Hospital Wastewaters are generated in different sectors of the hospital including patient wards, surgery units, read more

Wastewater effluent evaluation Test Kit

RT ECO Wastewater Test Kit is the portable, cost-effective way to evaluate the Wastewater effluent

BUY NOW RT ECO® Wastewater Testing Kit Most highly toxic and non treatable industrial effluents with high COD, read more

Electrocoagulation / Electroflotation Reactor

Electrocoagulation / Electroflotation Combined Systems for Effective Wastewater Treatment

NuraiCell ECF Reactor, a hybrid electrochemical system, is compact, eco-friendly, ensuring effective Coagulation and read more

Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Treatment Systems

Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Reclamation - Reuse and recycling hotel wastewater using advanced Electrocoagulation, Electro-oxidation methods

Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Treatment Systems / Plug and play modular wastewater treatment systems for Hotel Industry read more

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